Tuesday, October 14, 2014

How to operate and control a corrosion chamber?

The standardised salt spray test is used for checking corrosion resistance of samples that are coated. Such tests are performed with corrosion chamber which has specific operational method. The digitalised temperature controller has dual loop which helps the operator to set manually the temperature of the chamber and also of bubble tower. The presence of wrap-around jacket helps in heating the chamber and this heated jacket is bonded with exterior surface of inner workspace for protecting it from potential damage of corrosive climate that is created by the operator inside the chamber. Then the humidifying of compressed air takes place with bubble tower and the formation of salt fog takes place. The immersion heater heats up the atoms of the salt fog.

How to fill up the water level in the bubble tower?

The water level may be filled with only the deionized water. There are two ways of doing that
·         It can be filled automatically once the corrosion chamber is connected with pressurised water supply.

·      One can also manually fill up water level in bubble tower using manual filler that are normally standardised by advanced models of corrosion testing chambers.

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